essonne castles near bures sur yvette

Remarkable castles in the vicinity

Château de la Vierge is located in the commune of Bures sur Yvette, at the gateway to this renowned regional park. In fact, the communes of Gif sur Yvette and Gometz le Chatel, which border on Bures sur Yvette, are an integral part of this natural park.

Here are just a few of the castles and remarkable buildings that are within easy reach of the Château de la Vierge where you'll be staying.

Château de Breteuil

Château de Courson

Château de la Madeleine

Château de Saint Jean de Beauregard

fauvettes viaduct bures sur yvette rock climbing hike walk

Climbing the Fauvettes viaduct in Bures sur Yvette

Just a few hundred meters from the Château de la Vierge, you can take a walk along an old disused railway line in the middle of a chestnut forest. You'll pass through a tunnel and come to a viaduct: the viaduc des fauvettes or d'Angoulême or de Bures.

This viaduct is located between Gometz le Châtel and Bures sur Yvette. It spans the Ru d'Angoulême and overlooks the Yvette valley in the middle of the Bois des Fauvettes, on the edge of the Parc de la Vallée de Chevreuse. It is part of the green corridor.

garden of Launay orsay fac paris saclay nature

Launay botanical garden

The Orsay university garden, also known as the Launay garden Our guest house, the Château de la Vierge, is just a few hundred meters from the University of Paris Sud, or Orsay University. The green spaces of this university are full of magnificent plant specimens.