castle history

Before they were bed and breakfasts

General Saussier Chateau de la Vierge Bures sur Yvette Essonne

General Saussier, Mr. Grisier's brother-in-law, often came to Bures sur Yvette for rest and family warmth. A Saint Cyrien, awarded the Legion of Honor in 1855, he took part in the Algerian, Italian and Russian campaigns. He then took part in the Mexican campaign.

From 1884 to 1897, he was Military Governor of Paris; in 1887, he was a candidate in the presidential election. A member of the Conseil Supérieur de la Guerre from 1882 to 1902, he was its vice-president from 1889 to 1897. All the military archives of this "generalissimo", his campaigns and his political life in Paris are preserved in our family